My father tells the story about the young ag extension agent, freshly minted from the state university and out eagerly telling the farmers and ranchers of his education. His education generally started and ended with what they were doing wrong and how they could be doing things better, faster, and more efficiently.

About then, our fresh young graduate happened upon a crusty old farmer who kept a few hogs out back. He couldn’t pass up the chance to spend the afternoon with the old timer, telling him of the merits of changed feeding programs, and modified sleeping schedules. Why, just these changes alone would decrease the farmer’s time to market by two-thirds!

Now, the farmer had listened politely and encouraged the young graduate to expound on what he had learned. But about then, he rocked back on his heels, spat, and squinted, and asked our young man, “What’s time…to a hog?”Image

So, as you celebrate daylight savings time and remembering to turn your clocks back one hour, remember that your diligence makes no difference to hogs, but it might keep ag extension agents from visiting too frequently.