This was Muddy, our much-loved chocolate lab of many years. Sadly, we lost Muddy to cancer a few months ago, so our house has been a bit quiet. For such a devious, opportunistic, slothful, snorfling, cake-eating, trash-loving, butter-licking, counter-surfing, cookie-snarfing, bacon-dancing dog, we loved her more than words describe (and this sentence really, really tried). She was always good for a laugh and a snuggle. I once asked Joel (my husband) if that weird little dance he was doing in the kitchen was the Bears’ Superbowl Shuffle, he said “No. It’s the bacon dance. I learned it from Muddy.” So here is it to the Muppet. May her handouts always be plentiful, the counters low, and someone nearby to scratch her chest as she was the best chocolate dog we could ask for. And if you are lucky enough to make it to heaven, Muddy will be certain to greet you at the gate, wondering if you brought a little something along for her as a snack.


And yes, we will be getting another dog, likely in June, so check back for puppy photos and random acts of cuteness!