(And yes, you can read this post in your best Tammy Wynette voice.)

This spring has been a season of pulling calves, c-sections, and prolapses. Seldom an evening or Sunday passes without having a trailer at the clinic and afterbirth on the floor.

Today’s offering was a cow that had been laboring all day, and the rancher thought that the calf was likely dead as said calf had been trying to make his big entrance bum first. After an epidural and quite a bit of calf manipulation, Dr. Albright and Nicky were able to pull the calf. A huge bull calf (not Jack the Giant big but still pretty large) popped out, alive as could be. Unfortunately for Dr. Albright and Nicky and everyone else in the surgery room, the new mum turned out to be of malicious temperment, so instead of focusing on her new offspring, she spent her time trying to kill the lot of them. She must have missed the course on graciousness.


What you have to remember about the vet clinic is that Dr. Albright does more small-animal work, specializing in dogs and holistic veterinary medicine, but she’s been doing a bang-up job working on colicky horses and calving season. Nicky, on the other hand, taught French and German to schoolchildren in England a scant two years ago And now…well, let’s just say that Montana, true love, and the vet clinic happened. I’m quite certain that if they were to see her now, covered in blood and birthing fluid as she tries to answer the phone and tech for vets and keep everyone organized, they’d have a hard time recognizing her. I bet there are days that they go home and have a hard time recognizing themselves.

So here’s to the ladies, may they be veterinarians, vet techs, ranch wives, or cows that just need a hand. Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman, but the clinic wouldn’t be the same without you!