Ladies and gentlemen, meet Grace. Grace grew up in Maine, but we found her down in Jackson Hole working with dogs. She was up visiting some friends and mentioned that she was looking to work at a vet clinic. Nicky took that information and ran with it, and so here she is–the newest member of Bridger Vet!

It’s never easy being new, but I must say, it’s a whole new kind of trial by fire when starting at the vet clinic. Grace’s first few days involved calves with scours, bull testing, scintillating staff meetings, learning how to run the 80-year-old tractor, and yes, learning how to adore Ruby properly. It’s weeks like this that make me think we might have to institute hazard pay or at least teach Ruby to be a touch more ladylike.

Or, Why Nicky Said "I've got the pen, not the probe!"

Or, Why Nicky Said “I’ve got the pen, not the probe!”

If you’re in the area, pop on in to meet Grace. You’ll find that she’s pretty amazing!