I think Megan is working overtime to keep me humble. Or at least we’re going to blame Megan for this.

Megan emailed me last Sunday to let me know that Nicky would be working the Saturday morning shift at the clinic because she (Megan) would be over working the Blankenship horse sale. As I’d mentioned advertising and signs in a recent staff meeting, had I thought about getting a sign for the vaccination clinic in Fromberg that Dr. Noland and Nicky would be administering on Saturday afternoon?

Uh, yeah…that’s a great idea. I need to get on that. Like yesterday.

After convincing my cousin’s husband to perform a late-night modification of an ad that we’d done earlier this year, I got everything loaded to the Kinko’s/FedEx/whatever they call themselves now web site and was all proud of myself for getting this taken care of remotely and in record time. (Pride goeth before the fall, remember?) On Thursday afternoon, no FedEx truck, but I do get an email from FedEx stating that my order is complete. Really? Where’s my sign? Later that evening, I get a call from Melissa, who has gotten a call from the FedEx Kinko’s in MISSOULA (Bridger has nothing in common with Missoula other than both are in Montana). I get on the phone with Suzie of the Missoula branch, find out that the sign has been printed incorrectly, there is no way to hang it, and it’s in Missoula. Some quick thinking by Suzie has her reroute the sign to Billings, where it is reprinted and my dad can pick it up on Friday after physical therapy. And because of all the snafus, the sign is now FREE.

So, all’s well that ends well. Dr. Noland and Nicky were a smash success at the Fromberg vaccination clinic, and as you can see, the sign looked great. Dr. Noland thought to brighten the picture, but as you can see, he’s still a bit camera shy. One day, we’ll get a sign printed up of his face just so we all know how to recognize him.