I was driving from the clinic back to the house last evening, about to make the turn across the railroad tracks, when I was confronted with this site: Sue Knighton and tiny Auggie, pulling his cart.

Getalong Sue--It Ain't the Size of Your Horse, It's the Go in Your Pony!

Go Auggie Go–It Ain’t the Size of Your Horse, It’s the Go in Your Pony!

And yes, they are rather adorable, so much so that I immediately leapt from the car to take a picture.

Then I saw Sue’s husband, Cliff, riding alongside, and I couldn’t help but notice the size differential between Sue and Auggie and Sue’s husband, Cliff. It was like a western version of Sesame Street singing in my head, “Which one of these, is not like the other…” And yes, Bert and Ernie do sound a bit funny with a Montana accent.


Why Cliff Claims to Be the Big Man on Campus

Cliff and Sue are good–and interesting–neighbors. Sue is a veterinarian and often minds the emergency phone for the clinic on weekends. On Saturday, she told me that it wasn’t nearly the altruistic act that I might think it to be as if people couldn’t reach her by phone, they’d just start looking for her so it was easier on everyone if she just kept the phone. Cliff, the bearded charmer, leads quite the life. He flies his small plane to work every morning where he must be hiding the fountain of youth because I swear that he looks younger every time I see him. Maybe if he ever got off his high horse (and any horse compared to Auggie turns out to be high) we could ask him!

And no post about Cliff and Sue would be complete without their lawn ornament, OP. OP can pull carriages of a slightly larger size than Auggie (and I should know as he delivered be to and from my beloved when we got married), but now he mostly minds the yard. And he’s darn good at it, I might add!

Mulish Artwork, or the Ornamental OP

Mulish Artwork, or the Ornamental OP