A couple of years back, I turned the corner to head towards the vet clinic when I suddenly noticed a sign (When asked where the vet clinic is, we normally just tell people that it’s east of Bridger, that big yellow complex, and if you cross the railroad tracks, turn back. So for there to be an actual sign there, directing people to the correct location was something of a departure.) And it wasn’t just any sign–it was beautiful.  Horses, cattle, dogs, knee-high grass, and mountain foothills cut into metal. This sign was more than a name for a business. It was a visual representation of the work my father did.

Photo Credit: John Lockie

The Sign That Greets You!

Once I got over the shock of finding something so beautiful out on the pasture, I asked dad where that came from. “John Lockie,” he said. “I went to high school with his dad over in Miles City. John does a lot of metal work, and I asked him to make that. Turned out pretty well, didn’t it. He also did the sign for the front of the clinic.”

Bridger Vet Clinic Entrance

Bridger Vet Clinic entrance–notice my fine landscaping work, too!

The sign for the clinic entrance is being updated at the moment, and John dropped off new nameplates for Chris Banks and Sasha Pfotenhauer last night. John and I had a good laugh over trying to fit “Pfotenhauer” on a plate the same size as the other two. Needless to say, identical sizing was never an option.

And if you’re looking for more examples of John’s work, then check out the current issue of the Tri-State Livestock News. It holds a great article on John, how he got started, and best of all–several photos of his iron designs. If you need to get a hold of John about getting a sign of your own (please, hold the “Here’s your sign” jokes), you can reach him at doubleydesign at gmail dot com.