That’s right–it’s Carbon County Fair Time!

Country fairs often evoke Mayberryesque images of prize-winning jams, pie-eating contests, and tiny kids with really big steers. Although the pie-eating contest has been replaced with the slippery pig catch (you don’t know fun until you’ve watched kids try to catch a greased pig), there is also the business side of fair time. The county fair is often where a young man or young woman learns first-hand the business side of agriculture, of seeing the profit derived from the labor of raising an animal. But before that steer can make it to the judging pen, he needs to be spotless. Fortunately for you, Tysa Oswald and Poseidon show us how it’s done!

Step 1: Scrub your steer. You’re going to need a lot of elbow grease and a whole lot more soap.

WashingFairSteer WashingFairSteer2

Step 2: Blow that shiny coat dry. Notice her useful tactics of a full feed bucket and how she has tied Poseidon to the stocks.


Step 3: Practice the line up where they’ll call you out as grand champion.

Many thanks to Melissa Oswald for all of the photographs, to Tysa Oswald and her steer, Poseidon, for doing the buff and polish for photographic evidence, and to Trey Oswald and Randy Kramer for posing next to Trey’s sister.