There are some amazing upsides to working in a rural vet clinic. Sweet old dogs that look a bit like their owners. Newborn calves in the springtime. Calling the owner of a horse with colic to tell her that he made it through the night.

This sweet grey kitten is named Gruella. She came into the clinic last week because a case of unchecked, untreated conjunctivitis had caused her right eye to distend and rupture. Unfortunately, Dr. Lewis had to remove said eye, a procedure called an enucleation.


Alas, Gruella was not sent home with an eye patch, a parrot, a peg leg, or a hook for a hand. And try as they might, none of the staff were able to say “Ahoy matey!” Nonetheless, Gruella does manage to look pretty adorable while maintaining her tough-girl stance. We bet she grows up just fine, even with her new moniker of “Gruella Gruesome the Pirate Kitty.”