When we last left my father’s frozen testicle collection, it was no more. While all could agree that it had mysteriously disappeared, Megan, Melissa, and Nicky were not fessing up as to who had done the dumpster deed. Dad and Charlie Noland might have been a bit despondent as to the discarded testicles, but there ended the list of those who missed the collection.


Sadly, they’re back. The testicles, that is. Nicky found a matched set on the counter of the large-animal exam room. Dad complained about some that were forgotten in the July sun in the cab of the vet truck (he may have a point on that one). They are accumulating, however, as evidenced by the growing bag deep in the freezer along with some other tidbits Dad sometimes uses for teaching. See, vet clinics are funny places. We collect things. We store things. We hang onto things “just in case,” though even I cannot concoct a reason for squirreling away this particular type of nut. Maybe it’s a vet thing. Maybe it’s a guy thing. Regardless, no blame will be assigned should the current collection go missing. But this time, we’ll know to keep an eye out for future hoardings.