I’m a single parent this week as Joel is in Chicago for a spot of work and family. When Joel is gone, that means that I also inherit the lunchtime dog walks. I returned from said walk to find this in a box on our doorstep:


My New Duck Dynasty Dog Bed

My goodness that is a lot of beard!

I may live under a cultural rock, but even I know that is one of the Duck Dynasty people, although I’m not certain which one. The lot of them seem to be quite popular, even going to far as to be featured as chia pets. (And please, I really don’t need a Duck Dynasty chia pet, I promise you.)

No one is fessing up just yet as to who is the giver (and therefore making it difficult for me to know whom to thank/blame), but I have no doubt that they’re having a good laugh over this. I’ll get the last laugh however, as I’ll be the one who can finally stretch out in bed. It’s been a long time since I’ve not had to sleep while curled up in a ball!