Ours is a fairly common mixed veterinary practice, meaning that we primarily see dogs, cats, horses, and cattle. We do a fair amount of buffalo work (it’s not just anyone willing to go there with a buffalo), some sheep, and yes, even goats. This goat came in without a name but with a bit of a horn problem. The horn problem we know how to tackle. His ability to escape, however, was a bit greater challenge. Our fair Nicky deemed him “Houdini” as no matter where she thought she caught him, he found a way out.

Then she got him in the squeeze chute.

Once Dr. Sasha was able to remove that troublesome horn, all of Houdini’s spunk disappeared. Although that horn was about to give the poor guy quite the headache, we think it might have been what gave him the ability to get himself out of tight situations. Once he heals up, however, we have no doubt that Houdini will be back to his troublesome ways.