I arrived on Hoth (or Montana as it is known to the rest of the world) on United midnight flight on Friday evening. While safe arrivals are always a good thing, I’m horribly bummed to have missed the arrival of my friend Mona’s newest family member, Gunner. No, I do not think it possible for a puppy to be any more adorable. Just look at those toes and webbed feet and chubby belly. You can almost smell the puppy breath!

And if Gunner isn’t adorable enough holding still, watch him chase his new squirrel toy!

And as for these photos, these are just my friend Diane being funny. I told her that I needed more body shots of Gunner (I mean, what fun are puppy photos if you cannot see them in their roly poly chubby monkey phase), and she sends me these snaps of Gunner’s bum and toes. Good thing he is more than the sum of his parts!

So Mona, enjoy, and I promise to bring Eleanor and Beatrice by once I return from Hoth. They’ll want some play time, but I want some snuggle time with Gunner!