Happy Christmas from the crew at Bridger Vet!

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

From left to right, we have Bob in his Santa hat, Erin, Melissa, border collie Pearl, Dr. Chris, Dr. Sasha, future cowdog Merle in Dr. Sasha’s arms, Jeni, German Shepherd pup Mattie in Jeni’s arms, Tice, and Dr. Randall, and Ruby is skulking behind the lot of us. We braved a cold morning and a fair amount of wind to get this Christmas photo, plus it’s not that easy to get that many dogs to hold still! Two are (sadly) missing, however: Megan and Nicky. Megan has a case of motherhood (three boys under the age of ten will do that to you), and Nicky returned to kith and kin in England for the Christmas holidays. We did try very hard to include her by getting the cheeky Badger to stand in for her, but he was having none of jumping into a strange truck with me that morning.

Just for a laugh, here is the “after” photo. We don’t look any better, but the dogs certainly look like they’ve had enough of the holiday spirit.

The "After" Christmas Photo of the Bridger Vet Crew

The “After” Christmas Photo of the Bridger Vet Crew