I met my friend Diane at the gym the other morning, and while we diligently applied ourselves to our 2014 resolutions, she told me this story about her vet, the vet’s husband, and their dog.

I got up early to come to work this morning, leaving Jeremy in bed with our lab. He woke up some time later to find himself sharing the pillow with her, nose to nose. It was a very, um, intimate moment. Then, ever so slowly, she lifted her right hind leg, ever hopeful that since he was now awake, it was time for a belly rub.

He swears that dog winked at him, indicating that if he’d keep quiet about their pillowy tryst, so would she. But only if he got busy on that belly rub.

Author’s note: Because I don’t know the above veterinarian, or more to the point, their dog, I had to use my very own Eleanor as a photo prop for this post. She was snoozing on the bed, and as I crept over to zoom in on her head to get this up-close-and-too-personal photo, she opened her right eye. And then lifted her right leg, indicating that she was ready for that belly rub.