It’s been something of a strange week at Bridger Vet and its satellite office here in Austin, Texas, so I thought I’d share some of what the dogs taught us this week.

Miserable Badger and the Beef Short Rib Affliction

This, of course, is the cheeky, the pitiful, and right now the miserable Badger. Badger read the mandates against eating chicken bones, so he thought he’d try beef short ribs. This turned out to be not such a hot idea as he got to spend the day at the vet clinic seeing if the splinters would work their way through.

He’d like to remind everyone to not try this. Ever.

Gunner and the Trials of Being Adorable

Remember Gunner? Well, he’s growing into a chubby little snapping turtle. He spent some quality time giving Eleanor and Beatrice the what-for. When he’d had enough, he clambered under the chair, banking on his adorableness to earn him some rest. It worked. But then again, being this cute works every time.

Gunner Takes a Breather Under the Adirondack

Gunner Takes a Breather Under the Adirondack

Helping Your Mum, or Redneck Seat Warmers

Piper and his human handler were part of the human’s mum’s feed crew (as you can see they were dressed for it). We offered to lure them to the vet clinic for dog biscuits and people cookies, but they were having too much fun hamming it up for the camera.


Piper, Keeping the Seat Warm While Monitoring the Feed Crew

This Is What Boulder REALLY Thinks of Quality Time with Us

Boulder is just sick of it all, I tell you. He’s been at the vet clinic far too much for his liking while undergoing treatment, but he’s on the mend! Reports were in of him bouncing and playing like a pup, which made us all happy.


Boulder’s Thoughts on Another Visit to Bridger Vet

Vinyl Guardian for an Austin Trademark

And lastly, this is Fergus. Fergus guards the vinyl and greets those who look friendly and interesting (and like they might be carrying pie, which we were). I must have smelled amazing because let me take this picture of him.

Fergus, Guarding the Door at Anton's on Guadalupe in Austin

Fergus, Guarding the Door at Anton’s on Guadalupe in Austin

Finally, They Sleep, or the Naptime Snuggle Monkeys

And lastly, my very own Eleanor and Beatrice. When I take them on three-mile hikes and let them wrestle with Gunner, I can sometimes get them to nap, thereby turning them into the naptime snuggle monkeys. I wish they were this way more often.

Eleanor and Beatrice, the Naptime Snuggle Monkeys

Eleanor and Beatrice, the Naptime Snuggle Monkeys