See this? This is why we have to practice, but more to the point, practice with patience. We’re working both dogs every day, but because we’re seldom home at the same time, we have to work the dogs individually. As we use rewards for good behavior, the dogs have figured out that their good behavior results in treats. Working one dog results in the other dog voluntarily working. When I told Beatrice to get in place, it was hard for her to do so because Eleanor was already there, waiting for her treat.

Eleanor and Beatrice, "Sharing" Their Placeboard

Eleanor and Beatrice, “Sharing” Their Placeboard

You have to love labs. They’ll do anything for a treat, up to and including every command and trick she knows–simultaneously. She figures that if sitting on command gets her a cookie, then sitting on command while in place and shaking ought to get her…the whole cookie jar?

But in all fairness, it’s hard to resist this face. Maybe I should stock up on more peanut butter biscuits, but then again, maybe I shouldn’t. If she keeps doing everything she knows, she’ll be too chubby to fit on her place board, even if she does manage to shove Beatrice off.

Eleanor, Even Sleepier...

Eleanor, Even Sleepier…