Dr. Ray Randall, Vetting an Endurance Ride --photo credit Bruno Barata

Dr. Ray Randall, Vetting an Endurance Ride
–photo credit Bruno Barata

We can finally make the announcement public–Dr. Ray Randall will serve as part of the veterinary commission for jumping, dressage, reining, and vaulting for the 2014 FEI World Equestrian Games! Held in the Normandy region of France, The 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEGs) will showcase eight Federation Equestrian International disciplines: combined drivingdressageendurance ridingeventingparaequestrianismreiningshow jumping, and vaulting. At the 2010 Games, 57 countries were represented by 800 people and their horses, and it is expected to increase in 2014.

This is not the first time Dr. Randall has served as a veterinarian at the World Equestrian Games. In 2010, he served at the World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky (the first time the WEGs were held outside of Europe). Additionally, he has vetted the USEF National Reining Championships, the President’s Cup in Portugal, the FEI European Championships, the Tevis Cup North American Championships, the Pan-Am World Games, as well as other world-class endurance and performance-horse events too numerous to mention. As you can see, he’s an old hand at this.

For those of you wondering if either mum or I will manage to tag along, the answer is a resounding Yes! on both counts. Mum will be going along with him to the WEGs themselves, and then Joel and I will meet the two of them afterwards to do some Norman sightseeing. Joel and I are old hands at French car rentals, peage (the French word for really expensive toll road), and reading maps. The beautiful, historic Normandy region of France was one of our favorite trips, so we lost no time in suggesting that we spend a little extra time there together.

And on a personal note, I couldn’t be prouder of my father. He has been a veterinarian for over 40 years, and opportunities like this make all of the hard work, perseverance, and study pay off. He’s vetted endurance and performance-horse events the world over for years, but this is a rare opportunity to see some of the very finest equine (and human!) athletes. Congratulations to him, and good luck to everyone, horse and person alike!