This is Boulder, perhaps the nicest, most adorable Border Collie I’ve seen in some time (please don’t let the sainted Pearl know that I said that or she’ll give me stink eye for a year). Boulder has been making monthly trips to the vet clinic for chemotherapy, and his last treatment was on Friday. To celebrate his return to good health, the clinic held a small party for him replete with cake, dog biscuits, new neck scarves, and good wishes.

Cancer, be it in human or animal, is mean and evil and rotten and cruel, but Boulder is very much loved, and his girls Olivia and Grace cheered him on and loved him through every treatment. I must confess that I teared up a bit seeing those photos. Happy endings are too few and far between in life, so to see Boulder eating cake and going home to his family and hugs and dog walks and copious treats made me happier than you can imagine. We’ll miss seeing you on such a regular basis, Boulder, but we’re happier than you can imagine to see you doing so well!