Valentine’s Day, while lovely, makes me think of overpriced flowers, toothpaste-flavored hearts, and the fact that we wind up eating tacos for dinner because neither Joel nor I thought to make reservations ahead of time. But once you get past the commercialism, Valentine’s Day celebrates love, and I’m a huge fan of love, particularly the unconditional kind we get from our animals. Here at Bridger Vet, we have the corner on love because we get to see all of you with the animals that you adore and that adore you right back.

  • Mrs. Dooley hugs her beloved Paddy, and he is so happy to be held so close.
  • Nicky carries the cheeky Badger, and although he gets into the sour cream and the daffodil bulbs, he has stolen her heart.
  • Trek gets a kiss from one of his three girls (and yet still no bit of sandwich….)
  • Jeni and Phillipe, who spend cold winter days out riding together just to have quality time with one another.
  • Jerry and Shelby, and it’s hard to tell whether Jerry’s smile is bigger than Shelby’s love.
  • Chantz bestows a kiss on the ever-watchful Atticus.
  • One of the Fox family’s many tiny goats, but this one likes to snuggle in coats!
  • Chantz and Makenna, hugging Yogi even though neither are much past the front leg.
  • Dr. Sasha and Merle, but who is snuggling who in this photo? (Where one’s love leaves off, the other’s begins.)
  • Bob and Gepetto, curled up on the fat-boy dog bed, living proof that opposites do attract. I like to think that if you look creatively, Gepetto has shaped himself into a heart there in the between Bob’s legs.

So go out and hug your favorite furry valentine. Odds run high that the kiss you receive in return will be a bit more exuberant and with a longer tongue than you generally allow for romance, but what better love than one that is returned unconditionally, without judgement, and is always there when you need it. Happy Valentine’s Day!