Ruby and Pearl have a weird habit: staring at cats. Dad braved the hullabaloo in the garage to snag me these action-packed photographs.

Fortunately, the two garage cats in this particular stare down, Gepetto and Vivian, could care less that Ruby and Pearl get their jollies by watching them intently for hours on end. Gepetto and Vivian–but Gepetto in particular–have far more interesting things to do like perch on hay bales or to sneak into the house when you’re carting in groceries and are not as mindful as which animals are on which side of the door.

I’d like to tell you that this is an isolated incident, but that would be a bald-faced lie. I once caught Ruby staring intently into her crate. Thinking I needed to open the door so that she could go in to enjoy dinner, I found out that it wasn’t kibble that had entranced Ruby but Gepetto. He was enjoying a crated snooze on Ruby’s dog bed, but not nearly as much as he enjoyed taunting Ruby. Vivian is guilty of trespassing as well, but she prefers Mattie’s crate. Mattie once sat on Vivian in a frantic effort to get to her dinner more quickly. (Fortunately, no ill came to either based on such a rash act.)

When I watch Ruby or Pearl dream, their paws twitch like they might be running ahead of me on a hike, flushing a rabbit or pheasant from the sagebrush. Perhaps I am wrong, however. Maybe, in their wildest dreams, Gepetto moved and they were their to see it!