Joel and I were sitting at home last night, minding our own business (which is just another way of saying that we’re no fun whatsoever) when this text arrived from Nicky:

Meant to text you earlier. I had a panicked phone call from your Mum today, saying she’d had an email to say that the clinic had been evacuated due to the ice blocks causing floods. She was so worried about the dogs, bless her. They and Chris and I were all tucked safely in the clinic!! Rumour mill gone crazy!!!

Whaaaat? Is this that British humour that I’ve heard so much about? And isn’t that a bit much for small-town Montana? Is it understood? Is it appreciated? (Someday I’ll tell you all about the time Joel and I tried to introduce Mr. Bean. It did not go well.)

Now, small towns are known for having an active gossip factor, but considering that both of my parents are out of town yet received notice that the clinic had flooded had the mill running at high efficiency. I did have to laugh, however. Mum didn’t ask if Nicky and Chris and Sasha were okay. Nope, mum went straight for the dogs, making certain that they were not having to doggy paddle to safety.

Then I started to see some of the area photos come in. I was expecting something like this…

Ice-Jammed Yellowstone River

Ice-Jammed Yellowstone River

But then I started to see images like this…

Yikes–that was a bit more water than I had expected! Actually, I bet it was more water than anyone has expected. Flooding is not something that happens very often in the high desert regions of Montana!

To be clear, Bridger Vet Clinic has not flooded. True, some of the pasture is a bit soggy and the river has a bunch of ice in it, but the clinic is dry as a bone. Nicky is fine, Chris and Sasha are fine, Melissa is fine, and the only water on the floor is from upended water bowls and from cleaning up the large-animal exam room after the last c-section. Everyone is good, and it’s business as usual. You might want to bring over your waders, your pontoon boat and your camera though–we might need you to help kick the rumor mill into higher gear!