Bath Time! --photo credit his mum, Nicole

Bath Time!
–photo credit his mum, Nicole

I laugh every time I see this photo, and it’s not because Champ here had to get into the kiddie wading pool for the photo. It’s that grin on Hutch’s face. I cannot tell if he is showing off the fact that all of his teeth have come in or he is using it to hold up his hat. Either way, he’s awful happy to have a buckskin of his very own named Champ, and his face couldn’t hide it if he tried.

And for the record, I sincerely doubt that Hutch changed the pool water from when Champ went in to the next Hutch himself practiced holding his breath underwater. If that water was good enough for Champ, Hutch likely thought it good enough for him. I’ll bet he even tried to tell his mother that because he went swimming with Champ, he didn’t NEED to take a bath that night!

Rest easy, Hutch. Summer will come soon enough, and you and Champ can be out riding the trails all to your lonesome. But until then, smile on…