I laughed straight out loud when I saw this photo from my friend Heather. Catching the first blush of donkey love on camera is a difficult thing, but she managed to do just that.

Donkey Love --photo credit Heather McDowell

Donkey Love
–photo credit Heather McDowell

This is not my first brush with tiny donkeys. When I first left Montana for the higher education of Illinois, it was our friend Hilda that transported country mouse to the city. She and I lit out early one morning with her truck and trailer. We had all my crap in the back of the pickup while the trailer contained a horse, a yearling buffalo, and a miniature donkey. We probably looked like misplaced circus freaks searching for our missing three-ring tent, but happily, we didn’t know enough to care. We just sallied forth, miniature cargo in tow.

But back to love, or more to the point, tiny donkey love. Heather has the one tiny donkey but thought her joy would be complete if she had a tiny-tiny donkey. And where, pray tell, does one find the ahem, services, of such a manly tiny donkey? Why Craigslist, of course, which is where you can find pretty much anything. (And what I’d give to know what search terms she used to find him!)

If you’re looking for Heather or her husband, David (and there is a man who probably lies awake at night, wondering what Heather will think to do next), word has it that they’re out looking for a very small stepladder to help. Even tiny donkeys sometimes need a helpful step up when adorable progeny are at stake.

But as for these two lovebirds, here is to a successful mini-union. And for the record, I’ve already called dibs on the first photos of any resulting tiny-tiny offspring of this great live writ small.