Alas, poor Nicky and her woes of gardening in Montana in the spring. Being English, she likely thinks of carpeted green fields studded with daffodils, crocus, muscari, friendly hedgehogs, and quaint talking bunnies. Then, of course, she married Barry and moved to Montana and spring has never been the same since. Now she has porcupines, May blizzards, and a menagerie of animals that line up to get in the house. Since Trooper the bucket calf got to spend some quality time inside, the lot of them seem to think that just anyone on four legs should be able to come in the front door.

Lined Up at the Door --photo credit Nicky Klingaman

Lined Up at the Door
–photo credit Nicky Klingaman

As for gardening, spring bulbs, and overall floral beautification, Nicky is having an even harder go of things. Last year, the cheeky Badger dug up all of her newly planted daffodils bulbs, causing him to froth with delight. So when Nick and her mum created new bulb pots to brighten the front porch, they thought they’d nipped the Badger problem in the bud. Until Nicky returned home to find this fresh floral carnage.

All I Want for Springtime... --photo credit Nicky Klingaman

All I Want for Springtime…
–photo credit Nicky Klingaman

Badger was initially blamed, and rightly so as he is generally the destructive force against all things of delicate beauty, but not this time. This time it was Sunfish, Barry’s yearling paint colt, that was the culprit. Sunfish has ridiculously strong lips, and like the destructive Badger, he cannot lay off the springtime bulbs. Even worse, he pillaged the flower pots while Nicky’s mum was there, but she covered for him repotting what he had torn asunder. And as the final insult, Sunfish had the audacity to laugh his fool head off!

Sunfish Flaunts His Lips --photo credit Nicky Klingaman

Sunfish Flaunts His Ridiculously Strong Lips
–photo credit Nicky Klingaman

So should you perchance happen by Nicky and Barry’s front porch, make certain to compliment whatever remains of the ill-fated potted bulbs. They’ve withstood dogs, horses, and Montana spring, so they’ve earned their moment in the sun (however long Badger and Sunfish will let that be).