Bridger Veterinary Clinic is a full-service operation, meaning that we can take care of your cats, dogs, horses, cattle, small ruminants, and pretty much everything in between. In addition to routine care such as regular vaccinations and check-ups, we offer the following services. Call us for an appointment today!

Bovine Services

  • Whole-herd health
  • Calving problems/dystocias
  • Intensive care for newborn calves
  • Pregnancy testing, palpation, or ultrasound
  • Bull testing
  • Bangs vaccinations

Equine Services

  • Reproductive work, including artificial insemination using shipped or frozen semen
  • Stallion collection
  • Lameness and surgery
  • Elkin digital radiography
  • Soft tissue and reproductive ultrasound

Canine, Feline, and Small Ruminant Services

  • Routine preventative care, including vaccinations and surgery
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Pet grooming
  • Pet boarding with in-floor heating and multiple daily walks while your pet stays with us

Emergency Services

  • Dependable 24-hour clinical and mobile emergency services

We’re located about a mile east of town on Vet Lane. If you cross the railroad tracks, you’ve gone too far!