I’m Erin, and I am the voice frequently heard but seldom seen here at Bridger Vet. I make my living managing software scrums (so yes, I know all about Agile!) for the online learning component of an educational software company, but about every great once in a while you might spot me at the vet clinic. I’ll be the one praying that the phone doesn’t ring while I’m on duty. It’s been longer than I care to admit that I paid off wrecking my truck by working for dad at the vet clinic.

And yes, I am the instigator of Tiny Goat Fridays (trust me, it’s a thing), and I’ll take full credit and/or blame for the ensuing hullabaloo. There are few creatures more uplifting than tiny goats.


I live in Austin, Texas, with my very understanding husband Joel, our slightly demonic charcoal lab, Eleanor, and our German Shepherd, Beatrice. Both are recent but much-loved additions to our household. While their antics do make us laugh, we can hardly wait for the day where they consider a long snooze to be their idea of a good time. But until that halcyon time, we’re putting off all major shoe and furniture purchases.

Questions about blog posts? Wondering where I get these fantastic photos (my mother, my own drive-by photo bombings, when someone at the desk takes pity on me and snags a photo)? Just email me at erin {dot} bridgervet {at} gmail {dot} com and I’m happy to answer questions. And if you’d like to enjoy more of my writing that does not feature a veterinary slant, head on over to http://www.strayhounds.com, my other blog site.