Megan Mansfield grew up in Washington, played a whole lot of volleyball, and then decided that higher education was in order. She made her way to Montana in order to attend Rocky Mountain College’s equine program, where she majored in equitation and training, completing internships in Hawaii and Italy, before settling in to training horses. She still enjoys riding whenever she can, but it’s harder than you might think to find a well-broke horse in our neck of the woods. (The old platitude that if you have horses, they tend to either be too old or too young to ride generally holds true.)

After the birth of her son, Jackson, Megan began working at Bridger Vet and has made it a better place ever since. Although Jackson was the one to prefer costumes and capes, you’ll know that it’s Megan who is the real superhero. If you’ve ever seen her on Mondays, manning the clinic alone while doing vet tech work and answering the phones, you’ll know just what I mean.

Megan is the proud mum of three: Jackson, Stockton, and Hunter. When Megan isn’t chasing her own children or herding Ray and Marilyn’s numerous dogs (the aforementioned Bob, Ruby, Pearl, Mattie, and the occasional Zeke), she enjoys camping with her family, riding well-broke horses, and quilting.