Tori Lewis is a Wyoming kind of girl. She grew up on a ranch just down the road in Powell, Wyoming, did her undergrad in molecular biology at the University of Wyoming, and then spent a couple of years doing research at the university. It was only when she got a hankering to do some applied work and for rain and something green did she head on up to Oregon State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine to complete her DVM. She likes the mix of a good mixed practice because of the new challenges and situations it brings. And as it turns out, a liking for odd situations and unforeseen challenges is a good thing in rural mixed practices.


Dr. Lewis and her son, Marshall, live in Powell, Wyoming. (Marshall is my kind of kid because not only is he acquainted with the periodic table of elements, he has a favorite element. Last week, it was boron, but this week it’s scandium.) When she’s not in surgery or out in the field, Dr. Lewis also teaches at Northwest Community College as well as running Red Barn Veterinary Services.  And if she has any free time beyond that, she has her horse, Superman, and her cat, Wyatt, to keep them company.